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40 Funny Shirt Jokes To Keep Up Your Sleeve!

These shirt jokes are top quali-tee! Check them out and share them with your mates today for some funny shirt puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  January 8th 2023

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Why do you call a cowboy putting on a shirt?

Ranch dressing!

Why did one shirt break up with the other?

He didn't collar!

I thought a really small t-shirt would look great on me...

But I couldn't pull it off!

What happened to the burglar who got lost in the shirt aisle?

He's still at large!

Why shouldn't you rearrange the shirts in your wardrobe?

It might make you hanger-gry!

My mum was really happy to mend my scruffy shirt...

Or sew it seams!

I wanted to buy a camouflage shirt...

But I couldn't see any!

Why should you always dress smart to meet a doctor?

They don't like casual tees!

Why should you go to the doctor if your shirts are creased?

You probably have an iron deficiency!

Why does Wears Wally wear a stripy shirt?

He doesn't want to be spotted!

I iron my shirts a lot less nowadays

The number has really decreased!

Why should you never go out with a guy who only owns one shirt?

He can never change!

What's made of leaves and is really refreshing when you put it on?

A tea shirt!

I'm not very good at pressing my shirts

I said with no sense of irony

Why couldn't the psychic fit into a small shirt?

He was a medium!

What howls at the moon in a shirt?

A wearwolf!

Why shouldn't you buy shirts from the Hulk?

They come with a lot of wear and tear!

Where did Napoleon keep his armies?

Up his sleevies!

What did the trousers say to the top?

Don't get shirty with me!

Why did the jumper break up with the shirt?

They weren't a good fit!

Which pop star can make shirts really quickly?

Tailor Swift!

Why did the magician get chocolate all over his shirt?

He had some Twix up his sleeve!

Why are shirts with 8 buttons so mesmerising?

Because you can only fascinate!

What age should you be when you own the most shirts?

Your four-tees!

Which era in history was the smartest dressed?

The iron age!

Why are the Avengers shirts so wrinkled?

They lost their iron, man!

Why shouldn't you give your t-shirts to audio engineers?

They're always ripping everything!

I wanted to make a cool James Bond t-shirt, but in the end it was just plain white

I had no time to dye

I like to collect t-shirts from marathons

It's my running joke

What is the difference between a man on a bicycle wearing a tuxedo and a man on a unicycle wearing shorts and a tee shirt?


What sort of shirt should you wear in the army?

A tank top!

It's very important to me to wear a layer under my shirt...

I'm really invested!

What do you call an crocodile with a t-shirt and a magnifying glass?

An investigator!

Where do vicars buy their undershirts?

At the vestry!

How do you know that T-Shirt stands for 'Tyrannosaur shirt'?

The short arms!

What sort of top do golfers wear?

A tee-shirt!

My friend said he always ironed his shirts...

I creased up laughing!

I was going to surprise my friend with a shirt...

But she knew I had something up my sleeve!

Why should you always wear a shirt with bananas on it?

It'll make you very appealing!

I'm really worried about my unfolded shirts...

It's a pressing concern!