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30 Hoover Jokes & Puns Guaranteed to Make You LOL

These hoover jokes definitely don't suck! Check out these funny hoover jokes and share them with your mates!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  February 22nd 2023

No one likes housework but everyone likes housework jokes! We've got the dirt on the best hoover jokes around! You'll really clean up with these funny vacuuming jokes! And if you liked these, check out hundreds more on our jokes hub! Have a look at these jigsaw jokes and see if you can piece them together! Or how about these brilliant birthday jokes? We've even got these silly shirt jokes if you're looking for something else totally random!

Who cleans things and travels through time?

Dr. Whoover!

Why is the moon so dusty?

Because it's in a vacuum!

What do you get if you cross a household cleaner with futuristic technology?

A hooverboard!

I sold my hoover the other day...

It was only collecting dust!

Why shouldn't you trust a hoover?

They're all dirtbags!

My hoover isn't very good at being a leaf blower...

It sucks!

Why do witches fly on brooms?

Vacuum cleaners are too heavy!

What does a modern witch fly on?

A vacuum cleaner!

Who you gonna call when there's a ghost making your house dirty?


The best thing about my day is my vacuum cleaner!

Things are picking up!

What is a vacuum cleaner's favourite Queen song?

Another one bites the dust!

Everyone I know prefers brooms to vacuums

I know that's a sweeping generalisation!

What noise does a vacuum cleaner make?


What did the hoover say to the broom?

'I wish people would stop pushing us around!'

What did the snobby vacuum cleaner say?

'Floors are beneath me!'

I think my hoover is spying on me...

It's been gathering dirt on me for years!

What do you call a janitor in space?

A vacuum cleaner!

What do you get if you cross a board game and a vacuum cleaner?

Guess Hoover!

Why can't you email a hoover?

It's difficult to send the attachments!

I got stuck in a hoover once

It was breath taking!

What's the cleanest place in America?

The Hoover dam!

Why do witches ride brooms not hoovers?

They prefer driving stickshift!

What's only good when it sucks?

A vacuum cleaner!

What did the hoover say to the baby broom?

Time to go to sweep!

How warm is a hoover?

Broom temperature!

I invited the Grim Reaper to clean my house the other day...

I was Dyson with death!

Which US president was the cleanest?

Herbert Hoover!

Why don't Buddhists hoover the corners?

They have no attachments!

What did the Dyson hoover say to the Dyson airblade?

'I'm not a fan!'

Why is space so clean?

It's a vacuum!