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How Long Would You Survive the Veg Invasion?

An army of veg are on the rampage and there's only one way to survive – by answering these trivia quiz questions correctly!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Good luck!

1/10 A woman points to a bag of frozen peas

How many servings of fresh garden peas would give you as much vitamin C as two big apples?

2/10 An enormous amount of broccoli

John and Mary Evans of Alaska grew the heaviest broccoli in 1993. How much did it weigh?

3/10 A butternut squash

What is the butternut squash known as in Australia?

4/10 A woman relaxing with slices of cucumber over her eyes

Cucumbers are what percentage of water?

5/10 A man burping after eating a lot of cucumbers

There's a vegetable called the 'burpless cucumber'. True or false?

6/10 A colour TV from the 1960s

In 1969, the first television advert broadcast in colour was for what type of vegetable?

7/10 A bowl of delicious broccoli

After China and India, which country produces the most broccoli?

8/10 Pumpkins and butternut squash

Like the pumpkin, a butternut squash is actually classified as a fruit. True or false?

9/10 Someone chasing a pea around a plate

What's the correct way to eat peas?

10/10 A woman pinches her nose because of a bad smell

You can stop bad breath by pressing a cabbage leaf onto the roof of your mouth. True or false?

A sad carrot buried in the soil

Oh dear! You'd be captured within minutes and would be turned into a big carrot! 

A slice of butternut squash standing on wasteland while a storm brews in the distance

Good try! You'd do pretty well, but would probably be captured by some angry peas.

A tomato looks quite pleased with your score

Great work! You'd survive the vegetable invasion for absolutely ages before having to have a lie down.

Awesome broccoli celebrates your win in a giant football stadium

Amazing! With your trivia skills, you'd survive the longest and would probably be made into some sort of vegetable boss!