How Long Would You Survive the Veg Invasion?

An army of veg are on the rampage and there's only one way to survive – by answering these trivia quiz questions correctly!

Good luck!


How many servings of fresh garden peas would give you as much vitamin C as two big apples?


John and Mary Evans of Alaska grew the heaviest broccoli in 1993. How much did it weigh?


What is the butternut squash known as in Australia?


Cucumbers are what percentage of water?


There's a vegetable called the 'burpless cucumber'. True or false?

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Which of these INDOOR activities have you done in the past week?

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In 1969, the first television advert broadcast in colour was for what type of vegetable?


After China and India, which country produces the most broccoli?


Like the pumpkin, a butternut squash is actually classified as a fruit. True or false?


What's the correct way to eat peas?


You can stop bad breath by pressing a cabbage leaf onto the roof of your mouth. True or false?

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