Pizza Cones and Gross Toppings | Crunch

Connie and Matt try making tangy pizza cones, then eat some super disgusting toppings in a game of pizza roulette!

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Night of the Living Veg

Can you help Rubi crush the carrots and use her peashooter powers to win back Bash Street School?

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Competition: Win a Nintendo Switch!

Are you vigilant about veg? If so, you could get your hands on a great gaming experience!

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Play Cabbage Catch Kids!

Help Toots and Sidney catch the evil veggies in Olive's soup pot - then you can eat them to defeat them!

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Make Butternut Squash Zombie Pancakes

Connie and Johnny squash some squashes and flip some seriously spooky pancakes...

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Chilli Chomp

The aim of this game is to make sure the heat meter stays high - which means stuffing as many of these fiery little vegetables into Fatty's mouth as possible!

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How to Make Cheesy Broccoli Bites

Connie Glynn and Cassie build broccoli Chomping Willows, with tasty cheesy branches

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How to Make Carrot Poo Cakes!

Connie Glynn and Emma reveal the secret to making scrummy perfect poops - from carrots!

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Play Forknite and Defeat the Veg!

Help Minnie clear her plate of all those villainous veggies by defeating creepy cabbages, terrible tomatoes and awful onions!

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Eat Them To Defeat Them Wall Chart!

How do you beat a butternut squash? By downloading this special veg vanquishing wall chart, that's how!

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