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Harry Potter Potions: Hogwarts' Best Potions!

From Polyjuice and Felix Felicis to Skele-Gro - Harry Potter potions have all sorts of abilities. Here are his best magical mixtures.

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2022

What would Hogwarts be without the potions? Not nearly as magical for a start.

Polyjuice, Felix Felicis, Skele-Gro, list is endless. Well, almost.

So how far would you go to make yourself a hot mug of Pepperup potion? Would you be able to sit through an entire lesson from Professor Snape? Or how about hanging out with Horace Slughorn at one of his famous parties?

If you answered yes to both those questions, then it’s probably pretty obvious you’re a dedicated wizard (or Harry Potter).

Now you just need to get to grips with the recipes and you’ll be brewing up a Confusing Concoction in no time!

And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We’ve printed out 4 guides to making your own magical mixtures and all you have to do is find the ingredients.

Just don’t ask us where you can buy a Murtlap tentacle. 

1. Polyjuice

Want to make yourself, er, not yourself? Well you need Polyjuice!Ingredients: Lacewing flies, Bicorn horn, Knotgrass, Fluxweed, Boomslang skin and a piece of hair from the person you want to become.

2. Felix Felicis

If it's a dose of luck you're after, you've come to the right place.Ingredients: Ashwinder egg, Squill bulb, Murtlap tentacle, tincture of thyme, Occamy eggshell and some powered rue.

3. Amortentia

If there's a special someone you've got your sights on, then this is the potion for you.Ingredients: Ashwinder egg, Rose thorn, Peppermint, Powered moonstone, Pearl dust.

4. Ageing potion

There's loads of fun to be had if you can pretend you're a real life grown-up and this lovely liquid will help in that department.Ingredients: Red wine, Prune juice, Hairy fungus, Tortoise shell, Caterpillar, Bat tongue