Hogwarts vs Real School: Would Your Class Work Better With Wizards and Witches?

School's cool but just imagine you had a hippogriff in the playground...

It's Monday morning and you're off to... Hogwarts

Seriously, wouldn't wizarding school be better than normal school? Especially if you got to hang out with Harry Potter!

Don't believe us? 

Well, there's only one way to find out who wins - yep, it's real school versus Hogwarts and there can only be one champion!


C-A-T, D-O-G, B-A-L-L…

Okay, it’s important to know how to spell, but wouldn’t you rather learn spelling that can actually do something useful, like disarm a Dementor or something? 



So maybe Mrs Jones who teaches maths is a bit boring but at least she hasn’t tried to destroy you with the Dark Arts. 

Well, not yet, but wait until she sees your homework!

School dinners

Watery mashed-potato, lumpy custard - school dinners are gross, right?

Well, you wouldn’t say that if you were at Hogwarts. 

In fact, you and Ron Weasley would probably be too busy stuffing your guts with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans to worry about actual lunch.


School sports are fun. There’s netball, football, basketball and, er, cricket?

But nothing compares to Quidditch - even if you don’t have a Golden Snitch to hand.


How do you get to school? Bus? Car? Train? Hippogriff?

Wait, what? Hippogriff? 

Only in Hogwarts, though. Real school has no parking space for fantastical animals. 

For Shame.

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