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Deji Olatunji Quiz

You've seen him with the Sidemen and Beta Squad... but how much do you really know about this world-famous Youtuber, sportsman and gamer? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 13th 2024

Think you know this legendary Youtuber? He's famous all around the world for his laughs, pranks, sporting achievements and of course... his well known big brother! So put your Sidemen skills to the test with this hilarious Deji Olatuji quiz!

@Deji | Youtube

Who is Deji's older brother?

@Deji | Youtube

Deji used to call himself... what?


Where in the UK is he from?


What style of music does he make?

@Deji | Youtube

Which of these is NOT a real track by Deji?

6/10 Someone playing darts

What sport is Deji good at?

7/10 A boxer and a cheetah referee in a boxing ring

Deji was beaten by Floyd Mayweather. True of false?


What does his Youtube bio say?

@Deji | Youtube

What are these things he's holding?


Deji is allergic to... what?

@Deji | Youtube

Noooooo! Well, it looks like you need to brush up on your Sidemen skills! Have another go at this quiz and see if you can spot where you went wrong. Better luck next time, and there are plenty of other quizzes where this one came from!

@Deji | Youtube

Pretty good! This isn't the best score Deji has seen today, but don't worry. You clearly know a lot about the life and career of this hilarious Youtuber! Do you think you can score higher a second time round? Let's find out!

@Deji | Youtube

Amazing work! This is a really, really good score! You know loads about Deji! You very almost got 10/10 - do you knwo where you went wrong? Let's try a different Youtuber quiz and see if you can beat this score!

@Deji | Youtube

GASP! This is the perfect, 100%, 10/10 score! Unvelievable! You knwo absolutely everything there is to know about Deji - well done! Now, you can't beat this score - but you might be able to match iton a different Sidemen quiz? Let's find out!