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20 Sixsational Six the Musical Jokes And Puns!

Grab your mic and fix your tiara - it's time to giggle along with these sassy and sensational Six jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 13th 2024

Is Six your latest musical theatre obsession? Then these jokes are everything you've been looking for! You'll be laughing all the way through, but be careful - Don't Lose Ur Head! Check out some of our other musical jokes too - have some classical music humour, or something a bit more modern with some Taylor Swift jokes and Dua Lipa puns!

What did Catherine Parr say when Henry VIII tried to make her wrap up warm?

“I Don’t Need Your Glove!”

What is a theatre nerd’s favourite cinema snack?


What did Anna of Cleeves say when Henry VIII got stuck on a high shelf?

"Get Down!"

Why did Catherine of Aragon get lost?

Because there was No Way!

Why did Jane buy a pair of binoculars?

She wanted to Seymour!

Katherine Howard’s beheading wasn’t as good as Anne Boleyn’s…

I guess it’s all in the execution!

Fans of Six are SO intense!

It’s a good show, but don’t lose your head!

What did Anne Boleyn say at Catherine of Aragon’s funeral?

“Well, yellow there!”

Why was Catherine Parr the most successful of the wives?

She was good at getting ahead!

What is Henry VIII’s favourite day of the week?


How did Anne enter a room?

She’d amble in!

Why did Anna of Cleeves open a window?

She needed heir!

Did you hear that Anne Boleyn was sent to the Tower of London?

She’ll beheading there tomorrow!

What do you call Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard?

Henry’s axe-wives!

Why is Jane so hard to move?

She has a Heart of Stone!

What did the first five queens get for their GCSE resuls?

D, B, D, D, B!

Why couldn’t Henry VIII breathe?

He had no heir!

Why did Henry VIII have so many wives?

He liked to chop and change!

What did Catherine Parr do when she needed help with her maths?

She hired a Tudor!

If Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard started a band, what would it be called?

Talking Heads!