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Prom Jokes

These prom jokes will never go out of date! Check them out and see which one is your favourite!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2022

These prom jokes all have a really good PUNCH line! Check out these punny prom jokes and find your favourite. And if you liked these, why not check out our silly school jokes? Or how about these excellent exam jokes? We've also got excellent English jokes! Want even more? Check out our jokes hub for loads more laughs!

Why couldn't the skeleton go to prom?

He had nobody to go with!

Why couldn't the butterfly go to prom?

It was a mothball!

When is the worst time to ask someone to prom?


What does this joke and a busy prom have in common?

A bad punch line!

Where do cats go for prom?

The fur ball!

What did the biology student wear to prom?

Designer genes!

Why didn't the prune go to the fruit prom?

She couldn't find a date!

What did the cloud wear to prom?

A rainbow!

Who did Dracula take to prom?

His ghoulfriend!

Why couldn't Bruce Wayne find a prom date?

He had bat breath!

Where do cows go before prom?

The moooovies!

Where did Spiderman find a date for prom?

On the World Wide Web!

Why couldn't the power line go to prom?

It was grounded!

Why do archaeologists always get asked to prom?

Because they date any old thing!

Why did 4 not ask 2 to prom?

He was two square!

Who goes to prom during lockdown?


How do memes go to prom?

In a lmaosine!

Why couldn't Maria go to prom?

She had no Juan to go with!

I had to pay a lot for a limo to get to prom...

It was a bit of a stretch!

What did the student say when she got to prom?

'Hi, school!'