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20 Thundermans Jokes To Save The Day

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's 20 terrific jokes about the TV show The Thundermans! Click here to check them out!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 15th 2024

They're not your usual family... The Thundermans just happen to be superheroes! They pretend they're not but there's no hiding their powers! The Thundermans is a really popular show, and with good reason! But you the only thing that's funnier than the TV show? This hilarious list of 20 supercharged Thundermans jokes! Check them out below!

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Well, let's back to the Thundermans!

What does Dr Colosso wear on his finger?

A 14 carrot ring!

Dr Colosso’s plans were foiled again

He’s hopping mad!

Phoebe wants to be a lawyer

To get power of attorney!

What’s invisible and smells like carrots?

Dr Colosso’s farts!

Hank is really good at organising things

They call him Captain Plan-It!

What’s Dr Colosso’s favourite music?

Hip hop!

Max tried to steal all the world’s aluminium

But his plan was foiled!

Max has been pinching lots of expensive superhero gadgets

He’s a man of steal!

Dr Colosso has invented a giant robot

It’s called Hop-timus Prime!

Why doesn’t Max need a boss?

He already has supervision!

Where in the US is Hank from originally?


Max will never go to space

He’s Galactose intolerant!

A Milky Way chocolate bar in space

How does Hank fix stuff around the house?

With Superglue!

Max has an evil plan to make everyone’s hair red

It’s dye-a-follicle!

Max has invented an evil calendar

Your days are numbered!

Dr Colosso has got into glass blowing

He’s made the most vial creations!

Where do Max and Dr Colosso buy their supervillain groceries?

Volde Mart!


Barb’s bread is delicious

She’s the hero we kneaded!

What does Barb put in her drinks in summer?

Just Ice.

Where do the Thundermans go on holiday?

Cape Town!