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20 Unicorn Academy Jokes

If you love Unicorn Academy, you'll love these funny puns and silly jokes! Check them out and then share them with the Unicorn Academy fans you know!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 2nd 2024

There's neigh way you won't love these funny Unicorn Academy jokes! If you love Sophia, Wildstar and their friends, you'll love these funny unicorn jokes! And if you enjoyed these, how about some more unicorn jokes right here! What about these hilarious horse jokes? Or maybe you're up for these horse-some pony jokes? And we've got TONNES more funny jokes on our main jokes hub, so check them out!

What's a unicorn's favourite type of story?

A fairy tale!

Why was Glacier upset?

She had a night-mare!

What do you call it when unicorns race each other?

A mare-athon!

What do the unicorns at Unicorn Academy eat for breakfast?

Lucky Charms!

How does Wildstar eat ice cream?

In a uni-cone!

Why did Wildstar cross the road?

To see her neigh-bours!

Why is it always fun at Unicorn Academy?

Everyone's always horsing around!

What sort of jokes does Wildstar tell?

Ones that are uni-corny!

How do you know if Wildstar is being negative?

She's always saying 'neigh!'

Why does Wildstar never get sick?

She's immunicorn!

What do unicorns call their dads?


How does Storm greet Leaf?


How does Cinder get around?

On a uni-cycle!

What subject do they teach at Unicorn Academy?

Horse-story class!

What do you call Glacier when she has a cold?

An achoo-nicorn!

If you don't love Unicorn Academy...

You must be myth-taken!

Why didn't Wildstar go to class?

She was feeling a little horse!

Which part of Wildstar is the most glittery?

The outside!

What TV show does everyone watch at Unicorn Academy?

My Little Pony!

Why did the unicorn cross the road?

To get to the end of the rainbow!