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20 Toilet Paper Jokes That Are On A Roll

Looking for something to wipe the boredom off your face? These 20 toilet paper jokes are so tear-able they're good!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 8th 2024

We shouldn't laugh at toilet paper. This very ordinary household product does a very important job, and it should be taken seriously. Only joking! If there's anything as funny as poo or farts, it's got to be good ol' bog roll! Don't believe us? Have a read though these 20 hilariously gross toilet paper gags!

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You asked for it - let's have a go on these toilet paper jokes!

There was an explosion at the toilet paper factory

No one was killed but there was a lot of soft tissue damage!

Ultra strong toilet paper should be called…

Heavy doody!

What do toilet paper and numbers have in common?

Both can be multi-ply’d!

Why don’t people like toilet paper jokes?

They’re tear-able!

Why didn’t the toilet paper finish the marathon?

It was wiped out!

I’ve run out of toilet paper and begun using old newspapers instead

The Times are rough!

Where does toilet paper grow?

On toiletries!

Where does Arnold Schwarzenegger find toilet paper?

Aisle B, back!

What’s a toilet paper’s favourite type of music?

Rock ’n’ Roll!

What does toilet paper feel every day?

Deja poo!

Did you hear about the guy who used lettuce instead of toilet paper?

It was the tip of the iceberg!

What kind of day ends with no toilet paper?

A bidet!

What did the tree say to the toilet paper?

“You’re the butt of all my jokes!”

What’s a roll of toilet paper’s favourite song?

Rolling in the Deep by Adele.!

Why didn't the toilet roll make it across the road?

It got stuck in the crack!

What kind of toilet paper do porcupines love to use?

Quilted ones!

I called a toilet paper manufacturer to complain about a missing layer

But they didn’t re-ply!

Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?

It wanted to get to the bottom!

What do you never truly appreciate until it's gone?

Toilet paper!

Who saves the world by hanging out in the toilet?

Flush Gordon!