How Well Do You Know the '70s?

The 70's was famous for platform shoes and er... I wouldn't do very well with our '70s quiz questions!


In 1977 the first of a series of Science Fiction films was released. It featured a small alien teaching a young man to lift rocks with his mind. What was the film called?

Image by The Iron Lady | 20th Century Fox | Damian Jones | Lloyd

Who was elected Britain's first female Prime Minister in 1979?


In 1976 a film called Jaws scared the world. What animal was it about?


What on earth is this for?


What crooning, heartthrob died in 1977?

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Image by Fingermouse | BBC | Cole
Image by Fingermouse | BBC | Cole

In the 70's there used to be a kids TV show called Finger Mouse. It featured a bearded man playing instruments with a piece of paper on his finger that looked like a mouse. True or false?


Which football team finished top of the league in the 1973-74 season?


Which musical genre is mostly associated with the 1970's?


What wouldn't you find a 1970's kid wearing?


In 1971 the worlds biggest boy band split up. What was the band called?

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