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Why We Love Stories!

Are you sitting comfortably? Let us tell you why we LOVE to hear and tell stories!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

It all began thousands of years ago, at the dawn of human civilisation...

Stories Can Make Us Laugh

 Whether it's a dark Mwahaha at classic Roald Dahls wicked sense of humour or the innocent chuckle at the latest Tom Gates, we love to laugh!

Stories Can Make Us Cry

It's good to have a sob now and then. Sad stories can actually make us feel better because they make our bodies release endorphins, a natural substance that eases emotional and physical pain!

Stories are Windows Into Infinite Worlds

Stories let you travel to different places even if you're not allowed out of your house! The places don't even have to be real. Skiing holiday in Narnia, anybody?

Stories Can Teach Us Things

Stories can tell us about history, geography, and any other subject under the sun. They're not always the most accurate source of info but if the author's done their research, then you'll learn at the same time as going on a bookish adventure. 

Stories Can Help Us Become Better People

Stories teach us empathy. If you've ever felt worried on Harry Potter's behalf, sobbed at a chapter of Tracey Beaker, or celebrated Wimpy Kid getting revenge on his brother, that's empathy; you're experiencing emotions from someone else's point of view. Understanding how other people experience life makes us kinder, better people. Hooray for us! Hooray for books!

Stories Are Great To Share

One of the best things about stories is sharing them with your friends. You don't need to buy every single book in the Dork Diaries Series. Instead buy one each amongst your top 20oo friends and share them round! 

Stories Let You Be The Boss

Writing your own story means you are in charge of a whole world. Sure, it might just be in your mind but it's better than nothing!

Stories Can Make Money

Some authors sell their stories for millions of pounds! That's not really the point though. If you love writing stories the best thing is someone reading it and saying they loved it! Next time you like a book, give it a five star review, then other people will know it's good! Imagine getting paid just to make stuff up!

Stories Are Everywhere

Stories aren't just for books. You can find stories in TV, films and real life. Stories are everywhere, and they help us make sense of the world.  The End.