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Inside Out Jokes

These Inside Out jokes will fill you with joy! Check out these funny Inside Out jokes and share them with your mates!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  October 28th 2022

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What happens when you mix Fear and Anger?


Did you hear the joke about Fear?

I did but I'm too scared to hear the punchline!

What kind of puzzles does Anger do?

Cross word puzzles!

What do Riley's emotions work out at the gym?

Their cores!

Anger is very fashionable right now...

He's all the rage!

What's the difference between broccoli and bogeys?

Riley doesn't eat broccoli!

What's Anger's favourite Disney film?

Turning Red!

What kind of coffee does Sadness drink?


What does Riley use to measure her emotions?

A sentimetre!

What noise does Riley's doorbell make?

Bing bong!

Riley likes her emotions like she likes her water...


What's another name for the film 'Inside Out'?

Life of Riley!

Why is Fear scared of German food?

He always fears the wurst!

What was wrong with Riley's clothes?

They were inside out!

Why did Bing Bong get lost?

Because good friends are hard to find!

Why is an imaginary friend better than a real one?

Because you can always make new friends!

I don't understand the Train of Thought in 'Inside Out'

It's hard to keep track!

Where did Joy drive Anger?

Up the wall!

Where does Sadness live?

Sad Francisco!

What do you wear to get on the Train of Thought?