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22 Llama Jokes That Are In A Field Of Their Own

We've got so many ludicrously laughable llama jokes... we can't wait to spit them out!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 11th 2021

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What did the llama say when he was invited on his first camping trip?

White llama grinning

Alpaca tent

Why don’t llamas like singing with backing music?

llama jokes

They prefer to sing alpacapella!

Who’s a llama’s favourite U.S. president?

llama jokes

Barack Ollama!

What do llamas always say after yoga class?

llama jokes


What did the llama say when he found out he had been robbed?

llama jokes

I've been fleeced!

What do llamas call the end of the world?

llama jokes


Who’s a llama’s favourite actor?

llama jokes

Al Pacacino!

What do llamas say once you have thanked them?

llama jokes

No probllama!

What do llamas always say when they introduce themselves?

llama jokes

Fleeced to meet you!

What’s a llama’s favourite drink?

llama jokes


What did the llama say when the other llama asked if they wanted to go on holiday?

llama jokes

Alpaca my bags!

Did you hear about the woman who moved to Peru?

llama jokes

She's such a llama queen!

How do zoo keepers wake the animals in the morning?

llama jokes

They set their allamas!

What do you call a stampeding herd of llamas?

llama jokes

The alpacalypse!

Who's a llama's favourite rapper?

llama jokes

Kendrick llama!

What happened when the llama looked in the mirror?

llama jokes

It saw a spitting image!

Why weren't the llamas getting along?

llama jokes

Llama drama!

What did the llama say to the blade of grass?

llama jokes

Nice gnawing you!

What do you call a very fast llama?

llama jokes

A llamagini!

What do you get if you stand between two llamas?

llama jokes


Who's a llama's favourite singer?

llama jokes

Llama Del Ray!

What's more impressive than a talking llama?

llama jokes

A spelling bee!

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