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26 Funny Marriage Jokes That Will Engage You!

These marriage jokes are sure to get you laughing! Check them out for some wedding related giggles!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  December 16th 2022

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Why should you get married in a supermarket?

They've got plenty of aisles!

Did you hear about the octopuses who got married?

They went off arm in arm in arm in arm!

What did Quasimodo say to Esmerelda?

I hear wedding bells!

Did you hear about the two spiders that got married?

They met on the web!

What do bees do after they get married?

Go on honeymoon!

What do you throw when two criminals get married?

CON fetti!

What happened when two lawyers got married?

They became equal partners!

Why should you bring a basket to a wedding?

For the weddings peaches!

Did you hear about the two TV aerials that got married?

The ceremony was fine, but the reception was amazing!

Why was the pencil excited about getting married?

She was the bride 2B!

Why did the horse want to marry the man?

She'd heard he was a stable groom!

Why don't centipedes get married?

It takes too long to get up the aisle!

Did you hear about the two florists who got married?

It was arranged!

Why should you never marry a pig?

They hog the covers!

Why did the groom cross the road?

To get to the other bride!

Why was the bride sad?

Because the wedding went off without a hitch!

What do you call two spiders who just got married?

Newly webs!

Did you hear about the bed bugs that fell in love?

They were married in the spring!

Why should you marry an archaeologist?

The older you get, the more interested they become!

What's the most important ring at a wedding?

The catering!

Did you hear about the two bicycle bells that got married?

It was a wedDING!

Why didn't the groom give his bride a ring?

He couldn't find his phone!

Did you hear about the two nuclear scientists who got married?

She was radiant and he was glowing!

Why should you bring bread to a wedding?

To toast the bride and groom!

Why should you get married by the sea?

Wedding's beaches are very important!

What happens when a werewolf marries a bee?

They go on honeymoon!