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20 Nintendo Jokes to Make Mario Ho-Ho-Ho!

Looking to switch it up with some laugh-inducing Nintendo jokes? Look no further!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  August 11th 2021

Get giggling at Beano's genius collection of Nintendo jokes!

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What do you call a lazy console?

A Nintendon't!

What did Link use to win the basketball game?

His hookshot!

What did Wario name his art supply store?

World of Wario Crafts!

What is Zelda's favourite breakfast side dish?

A sausage Link!

Is your Nintendo Switch running?

Well you better go catch it!

Why is Bowser so mean?

Because he Koopas up his feelings!

What's the Nintendo Wii called in France?

The Nintendo yes!

8.tWhat noise does the Nintendo Switch ambulance make?


My house is haunted by Nintendo character...

I knew I shouldn't have messed with that Waluigi board!

Who has been magically making Nintendo money?

The Nintendo's witch!

Mario, Luigi and Bowser met up for the first time in 10 years...

It was a Wii Union!

I accidentally got a broken Nintendo console...

I had to get a Wiifund!

Nintendo used to make the Wii...

Then they decided to make the Switch!

Where does Mario do his food shopping?

The Mario mart!

Where did Mario's Kart go when he parked in the wrong place?

It got toad!

What did the green mushroom say to Luigi?

Get a life!

How do the Mario Bros surf the internet?

With a web Bowser!

Why did two Boos team up to attack Mario?

They wanted to give him a boo-boo!

How do Koopas communicate?

They use a shell-phone!

What's Mario's favourite musical?

Mamma Mia!

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