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Peppa Pig Jokes

Feeling BOARed? Check out Beano's hilarious Peppa Pig jokes - we'll have you snorting with laughter!

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Why were Madame Gazelle’s eyes crossed?

peppa pig jokes

She couldn’t control her pupils!

What does Doctor Elephant do at night?

Watch elevision!

Why won’t Emily Elephant use computers?

She’s afraid of the mouse!

Why does no one believe George’s stories?

He tells porky pies!

What do Peppa’s parents serve at a sleepover?

Pigs in blankets!

Which actor does George Pig like the least?

Kevin Bacon!

Why should you never tell George Pig a secret?

He loves to squeal!

Who is Peppa’s favourite scientist?


Who is Peppa’s favourite painter?


Where did Mummy and Daddy Pig go for their honeymoon?

The TroPIGal islands!

What sporting event does Peppa want to compete in when she grows up?

The Olympigs!

What song does Peppa Pig’s family sing on New Year’s Eve?

Auld Lang Swine!

What’s George’s favourite ballet?

Swine Lake!

What instrument does George play in the school band?


How do Peppa and George Pig greet their grandparents?

With hogs and kisses!

What karate move did Mummy Pig try on Miss Rabbit?

The Hamchop!

What does Peppa call the creation of the universe?

The Pig Bang Theory!

Why did Daddy Pig put a blanket on the ground?

To have a pig-nic!

What does Peppa say when she gets hurt?

Call the Hambulance!

What does Daddy Pig bring to the beach?

His surfBOARd!

What do you call Daddy Pig when he rolls in a puddle?

A groundhog!

How did Peppa write secret letters?

With invisible oink!

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