Personality Quiz: What Job Should You Have When You Grow Up?

Ever wondered what you'll do in the future? Answer these school questions and our job robot will pick your career!

Let's do this!


Are you always on time for school?

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How do you get to school?

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What's your favourite lesson?

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Do you like doing homework?

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Do you enjoy doing sports?

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Have you ever been to space?

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Do you take your cookery classes really seriously?

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Do you belong to any after school clubs?

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Do you like running around?

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Do you miss school during the summer?

A small vet
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You should be: a doctor

You seem to love science and think of all the gadgets you can use to help people get better. Or, if you love animals, be a vet! It's more or less the same thing, isn't it?

Fire fighters
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You should be: a fire fighter!

You're clearly some sort of hero, so why not show fire who's boss? 

Luke Skywalker
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You should be: a Jedi!

Why pick a regular job when the Rebel Alliance could do with someone like you on their team! Use the force! But not in class...

You should be: a baker!

Look everyone loves cake, so use your skills to become the world's greatest baker. And, oh, save us a slice!

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