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16 Peter Pan Jokes That Will Have You Hooked

Get lost in Beano's batch of outrageous Peter Pan jokes. Watch out though, you may never want to leave the page!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 11th 2021

Make your boredom magically disappear with these giggle inducing Peter Pan jokes! 

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Why is Peter Pan always flying?

He Neverlands!

What do you call a fairy who likes to fix things?


What's the difference between Captain Hook when he is hungry and sea sick?

Ones a rumbling tummy and the other is a tumbling rummy!

Why does it take Captain Hook so long to say the alphabet?

Because he spends years at C!

What kind of grades did Captain Hook get in school?

High seas!

How did Captain hook run his ship?

Single handedly!

Where did Captain Hook buy his hook?

The second hand shop!

Why is Peter Pan a great comedian?

Because his jokes never get old!

What's Peter Pan's favourite animal?

A tinkerbull!

Why does Captain Hook eat ready meals?

Because he can never get to a Pan!

Broccoli and fried egg

Why is Peter Pan on the no-fly list?

Whenever he boards a plane it neverlands!

What did Peter Pan call Tinkerbell when she corrected his spelling?

A diction fairy!

Why did Peter Pan know he could win at poker?

He knew Captain Hook had lost at least one hand!

What's Peter Pan's least favourite part of a song?

The hook!

Where is Peter Pan's favourite place to eat?


What do you call a smelly fairy?


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