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20 Sad Jokes To Cheer You Up!

In need of a good chuckle? Have a look at these sad jokes and cheer yourself right up!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 16th 2023

These jokes may be sad, but they'll cheer you right up! Chase away the gloom with these sad but silly jokes! And if you liked these, check out more jokes like these hairy funny eyebrow jokes? Or what about these charming chicken jokes? You might also be up for these silly leg jokes? Still want more? We've got hundreds right here on our main jokes hub!

Why was the staircase sad?

Everyone kept walking all over it!

Why are magazines sad?

They have too many issues!

What do you call a sad cup of coffee?


Why was the skeleton sad about the party?

He had no body to go with!

Why was the snowman sad?

It had frostbite!

Why was 79 sad?

It got in a fight with 80 and 81!

Why was the maths book sad?

It had too many problems!

Why was Santa's helper sad?

She had low elf-esteem!

My trash can has been sad recently...

In fact, it's wheelie bin depressed!

It's so hard to find a psychic that's not sad...

I just can't find a happy medium!

Why was the tuna depressed?

She got canned!

Have you ever seen a sad atom?

It's no laughing matter!

Why was the mini golf player sad?

They had no drive!

I told my dentist I was feeling sad...

Well, he told me to open up!

Why was the dolphin sad?

She had no porpoise!

Why should you ride in an elevator when you're sad?

You'll find it uplifting!

My job crushing cans makes me sad...

It's soda pressing!

Why was the circle sad?

It felt pointless!

Did you hear about the sad ghost?

It was really going through some things!

Why was the archaeologist sad?

Her life was in ruins!