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How Sassy Are These Parents?

Thought Beyonce was the sassiest? You haven't met these sassy parents!


They’re great at lots of stuff. Helping you ride a bike, making your tea, telling you to tidy your room and er, being sassy!

Yep, that’s right, parents can be sassy too! What, you didn’t know? Come on, don’t pretend! We bet your parents can be pretty sassy too!

And the big question is – which parent is the sassiest?

Will Smith

He’s the Fresh Prince, but did you also know he’s also the Sassy Prince of Bel Air? No? Well, just ask Will’s son, Jaden. Seriously, now we know k now why Uncle Phil was always fuming!

Gumball’s mum

Gumball’s always getting into trouble and when you’re in trouble, there’s always one person who’s gonna get sassy – that’s right, it’s mum! And for Gumball, a sassy mum spells serious trouble!