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Epic Scotland Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

You may think you know Scotland - you might even BE Scottish - but only the very best can ace this Scotland trivia quiz! So get your quizzing shoes on and see what you know about Scotland!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 14th 2022

Scotland isn't just a land of haggis and deep fried Mars bars - and this quiz proves it! If you think you REALLY know all about Scotland, why not challenge yourself to this epic quiz and see how well you do! And if you enjoyed this, there's loads more geography quizzes here, or if you're a history nerd, why not try this awesome Scottish History Quiz? We've also got this Epic Edinburgh Quiz too for big fans of the Burgh!

1/10 Beano mythical animals on blue background

What fantastical animal is the national animal of Scotland?

2/10 Scottish people waving flags in sunset with Beano monsters

Roughly how many people live in Scotland?

3/10 Map of Scotland with arrow

Which Scottish city is the arrow pointing to?

4/10 Edinburgh celebrations with Beano animals

What's the name of celebrations in Scotland on New Year's Eve?

5/10 Orange drink with paw and emoji

True or false: In Scotland, Irn Bru outsells Coca Cola?

6/10 Dog looking out of rainy window with Beano frog

Which of these is a Scots word for bad weather?

7/10 Map of Scotland with arrow

Which part of Scotland is this?

8/10 Cyclist on dark background with question mark

Which of these famous Scots is an Olympic cyclist?

9/10 Poet on spiral background with white splat

Who is Scotland's national poet?

10/10 Heart of Midlothian surrounded by Beano hearts

What should you traditionally do if you see the Heart of Midlothian for luck?

Top result

Braw! You know Scotland REALLY well! Have an Irn Bru to celebrate!

Well done result

Well done! This puffin is impressed with your Scotland knowledge!

Try again result

Try again! You know a little bit about Scotland, but not enough to impress this unicorn!

Oh no result

Uh oh! Just like Nessie, your knowledge of Scotland is completely non-existent! Never mind, you can always try again!