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Pho-tally Awesome Vietnamese Culture Quiz!

Are you interested in this incredible South-East Asian nation? Give this quiz a go and we'll see how much you really know about Vietnamese cuture!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 7th 2022

Vietnam is one of the most amazing places in South East Asia, with thousands of years of history, world-famous cuisine and an energetic, young population. Do you already know all these snippets of Vietnamese cultural trivia? Test yourself with our epic country quiz!

Ready to go? Let's get started!


1/10 Ok first things first! Where is Vietnam exactly?


Which one of these sentences about Vietnam is TRUE?


What's the biggest religion in Vietnam?


Which of these is more respected in Vietnam?


Which of these languages is NOT often spoken in Vietnam?


Which of these Vietnamese dishes is a type of sandwich?


How do you pronounce the common Vietnamese name Nguyen?


Which of these things do you hardly ever get in Vietnamese food?


Whih of these things do you see a LOT of in Vietnamese cities?


Vietnam has the largest WHAT in the world?

Meep! Uh oh! This bowl of pho is not best pleased! You'd better go back and see where you went wrong! Quick!

Very decent! Could be a little better, but could be a LOT worse, too! Fancy having a look back and see where you went wrong? Go on! This bowl of pho thinks you can do much better on round 2!

Very nicely done! You know loads about Vietnam! Well done! You just missed out on the top spot though - fancy looking bak to see where you went wrong? No worries if not, this bowl of pho is very impressed as it is!

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Woa! You know loads about Vietnam! Family background there? Or just really interested? Either way you've absolutely nailed this quiz! Well done - even this bowl of Pho agrees!