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Spoon Jokes

We've got spoonfuls of giggles with these spoon jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 20th 2022

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And there's always loads more jokes over on our jokes hub, so have a go at generating your own!

What did the knife and fork say as they drove away from the cutlery drawer?

See you spoon!

Why does Lex Luthor carry a spoon around?

In case he meets Soup-erman!

How do you call fashion for shiny spoons?


Why did the spoon show up to the party dressed as a knife?

It said, ‘Look sharp’!

Someone replaced all the cutting utensils with spoons in the kitchen…

I thought, ‘That wasn’t knife!’

Did you hear about the journalist who wrote a story about a massive spoon? 

It was his big scoop!

What's the best type of spoon?

I’ll tell you ladle!

Why can't you use a wooden spoon in a Teflon pan?

It’s non-stick!

My friend scratched a glass jar with a metal spoon…

It made a jarring noise!

What did the spoon say to the small fork?

You’re tiney!

I always used to get a pain in my eye while drinking tea…

Then I took the spoon out of the mug!

Why did the fork stop hanging around with the spoon?

Because it was always stirring up trouble!

Which actor is always eating cereal?

Reese. With her spoon.

Why is a spoon the kindest eating utensil?

Because when you wash them, they wash you back!

What's a soup spoon's favourite part of cricket?


What did the chef say at the start of their cookery class?

Ladles and gentlemen!

If you lick cake icing off a spoon…

Are you defrosting it?

What happened to the man who took a spoon to a party?

He caused quite a stir!

Once a man named his cats Spoon, Fork and Knife…

It was his catlery!

Why did the spoon agree with the knife?

Because the knife actually had a point!