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Which Stray Kids Member Are You? Quiz

Stray Kids are KPOP’s finest boyband but which one is most like you?

Find out your Stray Kids match!

1/10 A swirl of different colours

What's your favourite colour?

2/10 Stray Kids 2

What's on Spotify?

3/10 A soldier standing next to a blob of yellow

What's your motto?

4/10 Stray Kids lucky number

Lucky number?

5/10 Stray Kids quiz

Pick something totally random?

6/10 Stray Kids food question

Pick a food…

7/10 Star signs

What's your star sign?


8/10 Favourite animal?

9/10 Stray Kids

How do your friends describe you?

10/10 A mountain, shark and a rubber chicken

What do you see first in this image?


You're Felix


You're I.N


You're Han


You're Changbin

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