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Which Stray Kids Member Are You? Quiz

Stray Kids are KPOP's finest boyband but which one is most like you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 2nd 2022

Find out your Stray Kids match!

1/10 A swirl of different colours

What's your favourite colour?

2/10 Stray Kids 2

What's on Spotify?

3/10 A soldier standing next to a blob of yellow

What's your motto?

4/10 Stray Kids lucky number

Lucky number?

5/10 Stray Kids quiz

Pick something totally random?

6/10 Stray Kids food question

Pick a food...

7/10 Star signs

What's your star sign?


8/10 Favourite animal?

9/10 Stray Kids

How do your friends describe you?

10/10 A mountain, shark and a rubber chicken

What do you see first in this image?

Felix of Stray Kids


You're Felix

I.N of Stray Kids


You're I.N

Han of Stray Kids


You're Han

Changbin of Stray Kids


You're Changbin