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Taylor Swift Midnights Quiz

Love Midnights? Prove it! Test your knowledge of this amazing Taylor Swift album with this extra-tricky trivia quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 29th 2024

Like all of Taylor's albums - Midnights has some absolutely amazing tracks on it! Do you know it inside out? Take this Taylor Swift trivia quiz and we'll find out how much you really know about Midnights! Ready to see how your Swifty skills stack up? Then quiz on!

Taylor Swift | Anti-Hero | Sara D'Alessio | Revolution Pictures

According to Taylor - who's the problem?

Wired | Youtube

Who appears on track 4?


Midnight... what?

Taylor Swift | Midnights | Republic

Midnights is Taylor's....

Taylor Swift | Anti-Hero | Sara D'Alessio | Revolution Pictures

"I'll stare directly at the sun but never..." where?

6/10 A happy daisy flower

What kind of haze?

Vogue | Youtube

"Bejeweled" is on Midnights. True or false?

8/10 Someone playing the saxophone

Which song has saxophones and clarinet in?


There's a song called labyrinth on the album. What is a labyrinth?

NPR Music | Youtube

What song has the line: "the lips I used to call home"?

Taylor Swift | Anti-Hero | Sara D'Alessio | Revolution Pictures

Oh nooooo! Well, this is embarrassing. Taylor isn't too impressed with this score. Do you know where you went wrong? You'd better listen to Midnights through again and then come back and have another go at this quiz! Better luck next time!

Taylor Swift | Anti-Hero | Sara D'Alessio | Revolution Pictures

Good work! This is a decent score - you clearly know a lot about Midnights! Taylor has definitely seen worse results - but she's probably seen better too. Fancy another go to see if you can score a bit higher next time? Good luck!

NPR Music | Youtube

Nice! This is a really good score - you clearly know loads about Midnights! Well done - you almost got 100%! Great job - do you think you can beat this score on a different Taylor Swift quiz? We have loads more for you to try!

NPR Music | Youtube

Woah! This is an amazing score! You know everything there is to know aboutr Midnights! Great work - 10/10! You can't beat this perfect score - but we have lots of other Taylor Swift quizzes for you to try after this one!