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What Ariana Grande Song Are You Quiz?

Which one of Ariana's many amazing hits are you? Take our carefully crafted personality quiz and find out which Ariana Grande song you are and what it says about you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 22nd 2022

Ariana Grande has been making music since she was 15, and started her career on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. Since then she's released a whole LOAD of albums that have ALL gone platinum - starting with Yours Truly and My Everything, then on to her chart-topping album Dangerous Woman. From there she wrote Sweetener, Thank U Next, and her newer album Positions. You probably know all this anyway though, as you're obviously a big Ariana Grande fan!

She's loved and respected all around the world for her amazing voice, that can swoop from high to low and everywhere in between. People often compare her to Mariah Carey for this reason! She's won all sorts of awards for her music, from the Grammys to the Brits to MTV. She's even broken over 20 Guinness World Records - not for "most pistachios eaten whilst underwater" (unfortunately), but for achieving "most songs to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100" with five songs at the top of the charts. Woah! As well as all that, she's worked with charities and other groups to raise thousands and thousands of dollars for lots of good causes. But anyway, we all know how great she is. You're here to find out once and for all which Ariana Grande song you are! Could you be 7 Rings? What about Thank u, next? Problem? What about Save Your Tears? One of them is the perfect match, and the only way to find out which one is most like your personality is to answer these questions! If you liked this, you can keep testing your Ariana Grande know-how with this Ultimate Ariana Grande Quiz, or even this epic Ariana Grande Lyric Quiz!

1/10 Screenshot from an Ariana Grande music video
Ariana Grande VEVO | YouTube

Pick an Ariana Grande collaborator

2/10 Record player and record with goofy face on orange background

Pick an Ariana album

3/10 Woman with hair in buns on grey background with yellow splats

Pick a hairstyle

4/10 Girl eating popcorn and watching TV with yellow splats

Pick a classic Disney Channel show

5/10 Screenshot from an Ariana Grande music video
Ariana Grande VEVO | YouTube

Pick a high school movie

6/10 Screenshot from an Billie Eilish music video
Billie Eilish VEVO | YouTube

Choose a Billie Eilish song

7/10 Coffee drink on table with heart eyes emoji

Pick a Frappuccino flavour

8/10 Woman's hands with colourful nails and question marks on pink background

Pink a nail colour

9/10 Screenshot from Ariana Grande Music Video
Ariana Grande VEVO | YouTube

Pick an event to go to

10/10 Singer on purple background with derpy llama

Pick a classic singer

thank u next result
Ariana Grande VEVO | YouTube

Thank U, next!

You're thank u, next! You're not very good at grammar but you've got lots of emotions! You're always a little bit heartbroken but you're also determined to live your best life!

7 Rings result
Ariana Grande VEVO | YouTube

7 Rings

You're 7 Rings! You're a bit of a materialist and you love having stuff! You've always got the latest of everything, but it's good to remember lift isn't just about things! (And rings!)

Problem result
Ariana Grande VEVO | YouTube


You're Problem! You're confident and you know what you want in life! You're also headstrong, opinionated and maybe a little bit bossy, but that's what people love about you!

Save your tears result
Ariana Grande VEVO | YouTube

Save Your Tears

You're Save Your Tears! You love working with others and are a little bit of a romantic! They're always something exciting going on with you, but it can be a bit much sometimes! Remember to chill out every now and then!

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