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FIFA 19: What We Want to See!

There are big changes coming to the world's greatest footie game. Join Johnny to find out our hopes for FIFA 19!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have helped but notice FIFA 19 is finally about to drop. Whoop!

And while that’s great news for fans of footie, it’s got us wondering – just what updates can we expect to see when the game eventually arrives?

Obviously there’ll be the usual upgrades to teams and their players, as footie is always changing, but aside from these little alterations, what will FIFA 19 hold in store for us?

Will there be more goals? Better boots? Snazzier shirts?

Well, we couldn’t wait to find out so we asked Johnny to compile a list of the top things we want to see when the game comes out – and we weren’t disappointed with what he came up with!

So, if just like us, you can’t wait for the new FIFA 19 to arrive, you need to check out the video and see if you agree with Johnny’s choices.

And if you want an idea of what sort of thing to expect from Johnny’s FIFA 19 wish-list, here are a few of the subjects he’ll be covering:

Goals in FIFA 19

Footie without goals is like, er, cereal with out milk. Or Finn without Jake, perhaps. Anyhow, let’s hope the new FIFA has loads of brilliant goals.

Player scoring soccer goal

Referees in FIFA 19

Sometimes footie can get frantic so you need to have someone who can keep the peace. And while referees can be helpful, often you need someone to really lay down the law. So what will the refs be like in FIFA 19?

Stadiums in FIFA 19

Every team needs somewhere to play but will the stadiums in FIFA 19 be an improvement on the last edition? Well, we’re hoping they will, as when you’re playing FIFA Ultimate Team, there’s nothing better than hearing fans chant your team name when you score a great goal!

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