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Ultimate Which Exo Member Are You Quiz

Find out which member of Exo you're most like with this quiz! Answer some questions and we'll tell you which of the boys you're like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

Which one of the Exo boys are you? It's time to find out with this personality quiz! And if you fancy more, we've got loads of Kpop quizzes here! Can you ace this Monsta X quiz? Or how about finding out which Exo song you are with this quiz? We've even got a Kpop idol name quiz!

1/10 Blackpink
Icecream | Blackpink | Selena Gomez, Tommy Brown, Ariana Grande, 24, Steven Frank | YG, Interscope | Seo Hyun-seung

Pick another K Pop Band


2/10 Choose a colour

3/10 Beano Superheroes

Pick a super hero

4/10 EXO
Love Shot | EXO | Jo Yoon-kyung, Chen Chanyeol | SM, iriver

Choose an EXO song

5/10 Cute puppy with hearts

Which trait best describes you?

6/10 Hamster and splats

Pick a pet

7/10 Ghostbusters Afterlife
Ghostbusters Afterlife | Columbia Pictures | Sony Pictures | Jason Reitman | Ivan Reitman

Pick a film

8/10 Bear in the woods

Where would you most like to go on holiday?

9/10 Bugs Bunny
Looney Tunes | Warner Bros. | Cartoon Network

Choose a cartoon character

10/10 Screaming cat and arrow in messy room

What's your worst trait?

Kai result


You're Kai! You're sensitive, creative and have an eye for detail! You love reading and can get pretty emotional when you feel strongly about something!

DO result


You're D.O! You are patient, smart and always thoughtful about everything you do! You sometimes find yourself solving other peoples dramas because you always want to help!

Sehun result


You're Sehun! You're shy but sometimes a bit mischievous too! You really care about other people and would do anything for your friends!

Baekhyun result


You're Baekyun! You're witty, funny and intelligent. Sometimes you feel like the odd one out, but you know your friends are always there for you!