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Which Ice Age Character Are You Most Like?

Are you more like Sid the Sloth or Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel? Find out with this ice-tastic movie quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 14th 2022

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Anyway, let's get back to the Ice Age quiz! Here we go!


What was the last thing you ate?


Pick a set of gnashers:


Which of these would you rather have as a pet?

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Which of these best describes you?


Pick an Ice Age movie:


How loud are you?


Pick a quote:


Where would you rather live?


How sporty are you?


Which of these is more important?

You're Shira!

You're most like the sabre-toothed ex-pirate cat, Shira! Technically a smilodon, Shira is a definitely a cat you don't want to mess with! Despite her old pirating ways, she's very loyal and is a really important member of the herd.

You're Scrat!

You're most like Scrat from Ice Age! Scrat is technically a type of sabre-toothed squirrel and is OBSESSED with food. Unfortunately for Scrat, his love of acorns gets himself in a lot of trouble - not to mention causing global catastrophes. Hopefully you've not done that, right?

You're Sid!

You're most like Sid from Ice Age! Sid is a ground sloth and isn't not famous for his hard work. That doesn't matter though as he's one the most loyal and heroic characters in the movies. He's also a vegetarian!

You're Ellie!

You're Peaches' mum, the wooly mammoth Ellie! Ellie is always cheerful and laugh to be around, with plenty of wise words for the rest of the herd. She did once think she was an opossum though, so maybe she's not always so smart!