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10 Things You Never Knew About The Vamps

Ten facts every Vamps fan needs to know

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  September 10th 2016

1. James Loves Cats

James has an awesome ginger cat called Mickey

2. Conor Has the Best Pet

Connor has the best pet though. Here he is with his lizard, Rex

3. Tristan's Favourite Ice Cream is...?

A Twister!

4. Brad's Favourite Song is O.L.D.

One of Brad's favourite songs of all time is Hall & Oats 'You Make My Dreams' (maybe ask a grown-up)

5. James Loves Taylor Swift

James hearts Taylor. He must have been very excited when he got this pic.

6. Connor Fell Off Stage

Speaking of Taylor, poor Connor nearly broke his arm when he fell off stage while touring with Tay Tay. Ouch!

7. Brad's Haircuts...

Brad's got lovely hair right? But did you know his mum still cuts it for him!

8. Tristan Has a Posh Name

His full name is Tristan Oliver Vance Evans. Fancy. 

9. James Loves World of Warcraft

James is hooked on online game World of Warcraft

10. Brad's Party Trick

Brad can do this. We're not sure what it is though.Next check out 5 facts you need to know about Bruno Mars!