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20 Monster High Jokes Which Are Scarily Funny!

Hey Ghoulfriend! Split your sides laughing at these Monster High Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2022

Join Abbey, Clawdeen and Cleo at Monster High and have a Mwahahaha at some of our wickedly funny Monster High jokes. Once you’ve learnt the gags, tell them to your ghoulfriends because one thing is for certain: Monster High is a school that no-ones too cool for – not even an abominable snowman!

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Why is Amanita Nightshade great on a bicycle?

She has petal power!

Bike Jokes Thumbnail
Bike Jokes Thumbnail

Why did Lagoona Blue throw her iPad in the sea?

To surf the internet!

Draculaura has a lot of admirers…

She should start a fang club!

Cleo is soaking wet but refuses to admit it…

She’s in de Nile!

What happened to Clawdeen’s school dinner?

She wolfed it down!

Abbey can’t get to Monster High today…

Snow problem!

Gigi Grant’s always happy…

You could say she was genial!

Catrine DeMew can’t come to Monster High today…

She feline unwell!

What’s that smell coming from Deuce’s packed lunch box?

Gorgon-zola cheese!

What happened to Frankie Steins break time snack?

A man eating a snack

She bolted it down!

Why didn’t Bonesy go to the Monster High Prom?

He had no body to go with!

Avea Trotter can’t come to Monster High today…

She’s feeling a bit horse!

Ari Hauntington used to be in disguised as a human…

But they saw through her!

Why was Lagoona Blue disgusted?

Because the seaweed!

What did Ghoulia Yelps eat when she tried being a vegetarian zombie?


What’s the best time of the day for Frankie Stein? 

Fright now!

What is Draculaura’s favourite sport?


How did Cleo get to Monster High when the old bus broke down?

She caught Anubis!

Clawdeen knows who she really is…

She’s an aware wolf!

Has Abbey finished her home work?

Not Yeti!