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24 Anatomy Jokes That Are Very Humerus!

These funny anatomy jokes will really tickle your funny bone!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

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What's an anatomist's favourite boat?

A blood vessel!

Why is the nervous system reckless?

It does everything on impulse!

How do you measure bones?

In skele-tons!

Which bone always lies?

The fibula!

What did one eye say to the other?

'Between you and me, there's something that smells!'

Why did the brain go for a run?

To jog its memory!

Why are hearts so good at dancing?

They love feeling the beat!

What's the fastest thing in your body?

Your nose - it's always running!

Why did the surgeon put make-up on his brain?

To make up his mind!

Which of your bones is the best at jokes?

The funny bone!

What did one organ say to another?

'Let's have a heart to heart!'

What did one breathing organ say to the other?

'We be-lung together!'

What did one body organ say to the other?

'You're liver-ly!'

What did the body say to its lungs?

'You take my breath away!'

Why did the foot go to the doctor?

To get heeled!

What did the bladder say to the urethra?

'Urine trouble!'

Where in a medical book do you find out about the most useless body parts?

In the appendix!

What did one cardiologist say to another?

'I aorta tell you I love you!'

What sort of fish performs brain surgery?

A neuro-sturgeon!

I accidentally swallowed a five pound note!

Don't worry, there's been no change yet!

How are feet like ancient stories?

They're leg-ends!

Clean feet in a bath

Why was the nose tired?

It never stopped running!

What type of button can't you buy in shops?

Toad jokes

Belly buttons!

What do people most often overlook?

Their noses!