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Aquaman Jokes

Haddock enough of sub-standard movie jokes? These Aquaman gags are turtly awesome, no squidding!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  September 13th 2022

After some action-packed Aquaman sea-larity? We’re packed to the gills! Or do you like your wisecracks a bit less… watery? Check out these incredible Iron Man jokes, these side-splitting Spiderman jokes, or even these ogrely hilarious Troll jokes!

Jokes ahoy!

What did Aquaman say when he ate a clownfish?

That tasted a bit funny!

Who is Aquaman’s nemesis?

Charles, Prince of Wales!

Why is Aquaman such a good superhero?

Because he was born with a sense of porpoise!

Iron Man never got along with Aquaman

He has rust issues!

What would Liam Neeson say to Aquaman?

"I've got a particular set of gills"!

How does Aquaman get his news?

He streams it on BBSea!

What did Aquaman say to Mera when she got new shoes?

Water those!?

What do you call Aquaman going to the cinema with his girlfriend?


What did Aquaman say when he got dumped?

There's plenty more fish in the sea!

What do you call Aquaman fighting crime in Antarctica?


Woah, is Aquaman running after your gardener?

No, he's Jason Mamoa!

What martial art Aquaman learnt in Atlantis?

Crab Magá!

Where would Aquaman live if not Atlantis?


 Why did Aquaman join the DC universe instead of Marvel?

Because he was hydra-phobic!

How was Aquaman's son delivered?

Via SEA-section!

What does Aquaman put in his beverages?

Just ice!

What is Aquaman's favorite color?


What is Aquaman's favourite fruit?


What are Aquaman's assistants?


How does Aquaman talk to fish?

He drops them a line!