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Are You a Grinch? Quiz

Does Christmas make you cheer or sneer? Take this quiz to find out if you're (not so) secretly a Grinch!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 7th 2021

On a scale of Elfish to Selfish, where are you? Let's find out! For more Christmas silliness check out our Christmas decorations personality quiz, this Christmas food quiz or even find out what Christmas dinner you deserve this year!


What's your favourite time of year?

2/10 A burst of colour

Pick a colour:


What perfume would you rather wear?

@roberteblackmon | giphy

Is Father Christmas real?


Pick a Christmas snack:

6/10 Sprouts

Which one of these is most annoying?


When do you buy Christmas gifts?

@goldythegopher | giphy

What's the real meaning of Christmas?


What's your favourite Xmas song?


Pick a pet:

You're a total Grinch!

You weren't joking - you really are a Grinch! You hate all things Christmassy and prefer being grumpy all year round, even when it's not Christmas. This sounds pretty rubbish to most people, but you've made being grumpy into an art form - so you deserve some credit for that!

You're a bit of a Grinch!

You might seem a tiny bit Grinchy to some people, but you love Christmas really. And maybe you're right - maybe November IS too early for Christmas decorations? (It's not)

You pretend to be a Grinch!

But you're not really! You make a big song and dance about disliking Christmas, but actually you always have a great time!

You're not a Grinch at all!

You are the absolute opposite of a Grinch! You love Christmas and all the food, games, family stuff and silliness that comes with it. Good for you!