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20 Arthur Jokes That'll Make You Aard-ly Stop Laughing!

These Arthur jokes would even make Mr Ratburn giggle! Check out these funny jokes all about everyone's favourite aardvark!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  November 18th 2022

It's a wonderful kind of day when you get to read these funny Arthur jokes! Check out these hilarious jokes all about everyone's favourite aardvark and friends! And if you enjoyed these, we've also got Sesame Street jokes! For more TV jokes, check out these Strictly Come Dancing jokes! And if you need a different kind of Arthur jokes, check out these King Arthur Chuckles!

What does Arthur take when he's sneezing a lot?

An ant-ihistamine!

How does Arthur dance?

He Buster moves!

What does Arthur's dog do?

It aardbarks!

Why is Arthur so tough?

He's a hardvark!

How does Arthur get across water?

In his aard-ark!

What do you call Arthur when he's looking after something?

A guardvark!

Why did Arthur fail his test?

He didn't have The Brain!

What does Arthur put on his pizza?


What's Arthur's favourite food?


What do you get if you cross Arthur's sister and a toilet?

A D.W.C!

What did Mr Ratburn say to Arthur when he walked into class on Monday morning?

'Why the long face?'

What did the doctor say to Arthur?

'Listen to your heart, listen to the beat!'

Why shouldn't you eat anything Binky makes you?

He always makes a dogs dinner of it!

What do you call Arthur when he's doing card tricks?

A cardvark!

Why was Arthur annoyed at Buster?

He kept rabbiting on!

What do you call Buster if you pour hot water on him?

A hot cross bunny!

Why does Mr Ratburn have trouble controlling his class?

It's a real zoo in there!

What do you call D.W when she's in the wilderness?

Dora the Explorer!

Why was Muffy sent out of class?

For monkeying around!

What does Arthur keep in his fish tank?

An aard-shark!