Bananaman Jokes

Get your sides splitting with these bonkers Bananaman jokes... they pack a punch!

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Why did Bananaman go to the hairdresser?

Because he had split ends!

Why did Bananaman go out with a prune?

Because he couldn't find a date!

What does Bananaman call 2 banana skins on the floor?

A pair of slippers!

Why does Bananaman tell jokes as he runs?

Because he's an action comic!

What's Bananaman's favourite drink?

Fruit punch!

What does Bananaman eat for dessert?


What is Bananaman's favourite band?


How many criminals can Bananaman catch?

5 a day!

What do the citizens of Beanotown call Bananaman?

The man of peel!

Why did Bananaman go to the doctor?

He had yellow skin!

What does Bananaman say when he answers the phone?


What does Bananaman dress up as on Halloween?

A boonana!

How does Bananaman style his hair?

In bunches!

What is Bananaman's favourite clothing brand?

Banana Republic!

What's Bananaman's favourite dance move?

The banana splits!

Why does Bananaman eat bananas?

He finds them a-peeling!

Why does Bananaman always wear SPF 30?

So he doesn't peel!

Where does Bananaman buy his super suit from?

Dolce and Banana!

How does Bananaman get downstairs?

He slides down the bananaster!

Why did Bananaman go to the doctor?

He wasn't peeling very well!

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