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20 Wheely Funny Bus Jokes!

Ding ding! This stop for some hilarious bus jokes - you'll be wheeling with laughter at these!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 23rd 2023

Getting the bus isn't always a barrel of laughs - but luckily, these bus jokes are! So step up, pay your fare and find a comfy seat - you're about to transported to Laughtertown! And stay around for some more jokes - we've got corkers about irons, motorbikes, and trains!

How do you get Pikachu on a bus?


“Does the bus stop by the river?”

“If it doesn’t, there’ll be a very big splash!”

How do bees travel?

By buzz!

Which bus crossed the ocean?


Did you hear about the Transport Minister who was obsessed with green fuels?

He wanted all the buses to run on thyme!

What happens when you run in front of a bus?

You get tired!

What happens when you run behind a bus?

You get exhausted!

What did the bus driver say to the frog?

"Hop on!"

Bus ticket inspectors…

You’ve just gotta hand it to them!

Is it a good idea to hop on a bus?

No, you should just sit like everyone else!

I didn’t like being a bus driver…

I was convinced everyone was talking behind my back!

I always go the extra mile at work…

That’s why I lost my job as a bus conductor!

At which end of the bus is it better to get off?

Doesn’t matter, both ends stop!

What will you find on an electric bus?

A conductor!

What is yellow and can’t swim?

A school bus!

Do buses run on time?

Nope, they use diesel!

What’s the difference between a cold and a bus driver?

A bus driver knows the stops, while a cold stops the nose!

I couldn’t get my kettle to work this morning…

So I took the bus instead!

Why did the bus stop?

Because it saw the zebra crossing!

How do you catch a bus?

By thinking like a bus!