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20 Iron Jokes To Crease You Up!

Prepare to let off some steam with these ironing jokes - you'll be creased up!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 4th 2023

If ironing's your least favourite chore, cheer up - we've got some hilarious iron jokes to put the fun back into getting those shirts crisp! These jokes are perfect for letting off a little steam if you're feeling all starchy and stiff - that is, if you don't have more pressing matters to attend to! And if you're a fan of appliance jokes, we've got more than you might think! We've got jokes about beds, fans, air fryers, and toilets!

My new iron is so bad, it’s a joke...

It’s had me in creases all morning!

What do you do when your iron levels are low?

Raise the board a little higher!

Why did the CEO take an iron to work?

He had pressing matters to deal with!

I tried saving time by ironing my trousers while I was wearing them, but I ended up late because I burned my leg…

Oh, the iron-knee!

I used to have a lot of shirts that needed ironing…

But the number has now de-creased!

Why did the woman stop ironing her clothes?

To in-crease her confidence!

The worst job I ever had was ironing cowboy shirts…

Howdy pressing!

I’m watching the World Ironing Championships…

The drama is really unfolding!

I had a friend who wasted her time trying to iron fizzy drinks…

It was soda pressing!

I read a book about a woman with magical powers who presses her clothes then puts them away…

It was called “The Iron, the Witch and the Wardrobe”!

How does Tony Stark keep his clothes so neat?

With an iron, man!

Why did the man start ironing his clothes?

To de-crease how bad he looked!

What do you call an iron that makes your clothes more wrinkly?


Why is ironing a great way to relieve stress?

It really lets off some steam!

What do you do if you don’t have time to iron a shirt?

Just steel one!

Why did the woman always have wrinkled clothes?

She had an iron deficiency!

Why do elephants have wrinkles?

Because they won’t fit on the ironing board!

My wife tripped and dropped her basket of ironed clothes…

I saw everything unfold!

Why did the man stop ironing his clothes?

He had more pressing concerns!

Why is it a bad idea to iron a four-leaf clover?

You shouldn’t press your luck!