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20 Toe-Tappingly Hilarious Dance Mom Jokes!

These hilarious Dance Mom jokes will have you dizzy from laughing!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 17th 2024

Do you love Dance Moms, but feel like it's missing some top-quality jokes! Then we have exactly what you need! These dance-based jokes and puns are so funny, even Abby would stop class to laugh at them! Don't forget to check out our other jokes when you're done - why not have a giggle with some Wednesday jokes, some mysterious Masked Singer jokes, or some totally treacherous Traitors jokes?

Who are Abby Lee Miller’s grumpiest rival team?

The Crabby Apples!

What do you call a dance in a Coca-Cola factory?

The can-can!

What do Cheryl Burke and your favourite teddy have in common?

They’re both Irreplaceable!

What’s it called when the dancers have to do a space-themed routine?

A moonwalk!

Why did Maddie Ziegler cross the road?

She had to do the combination on the other side!

What do Abby and the moms have in common?

They’ll both tell the dancers to check their attitude!

How does Abby Lee Miller multiply a number by itself?

She jazz squares it!

Where is Dance Moms filmed?

San Fran-disco!

What is every Dance Mom’s favourite dance?

The Mom-bo!

Why are dogs never on Dance Moms?

The have two left feet!

What is the best dance to pair with tortilla chips?


What did Abby do when she got addicted to line-dancing?

She joined a two-step program!

What do you call a dancer who’s also a physicist?

A Rockette scientist!

What is Abby Lee Miller’s favourite number?


Why do the girls never argue with Abby?

She has a fair pointe!

Why do the moms always argue with Abby?

They have a different pointe of view!

What’s the name of the popular dance reality show that horses love?

Prance Moms!

What do the Junior Elite Team feel after a long rehearsal session?

The agony of de-feet!

Why is it hard to talk to Abby Lee Miller?

She takes a long time to get to the pointe!

How many dance moms does it take to change a lightbulb?

Five! Six! Seven! Eight!