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24 Dora the Explorer Jokes Swiper Would Swipe

Searching for some aDORAble puns?

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  November 11th 2021

No swiping! Stop right here for Beano's best Dora the Explorer jokes!

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What is Tico's favourite ballet?

The nutcracker!

What does Tico do when he gets angry?

He goes nuts!

What do you call Diego when he takes a beach holiday?

San Diego!

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Where does Swiper go on holiday?


What do you call Dora the Explorer in an Iron Man costume?


What batteries does Dora the Explorer use?


Who is the cutest character on Dora the Explorer?

Benny - because he's a Dora bull!

What do you call Dora when she works online?

An internet explorer!

What do you call Benny the bull when he falls asleep?

A bulldozer!

Why does Swiper never get jokes?

He takes everything literally!

What's Swiper's favourite TV show?

Fox News!

What's Swiper's favourite dance?

The fox trot!

Why does Dora find mountains so funny?

Because they're hill-areas!

What does Dora the Explorer drive to a birthday party?

A Ford Fiesta!

Why did Dora think her map was broken?

He said, 'bear left', but it was clearly a cow!

What happened to the alligator who ate Dora's map?

He became a navigator!

What does Boots call Dora when she looks nice?


How many books can Dora fit in her empty backpack?

One - after that it's not empty!

What does Dora call Boots when he does a really good job?

A chimpion!

Where does Boots the monkey get his gossip?

On the ape vine!

Where should Boots the monkey go when he loses his tail?

To a retailer!

What do you call Boots the monkey's angry cousin?

Furious George!

What does Dora call Boots when he's eating chips?

A chipmunk!

How did Boots the monkey reach the ground floor?

He slid down the banana-ster!

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