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11 Easter Bunny Jokes That Are Eggcellent

These Easter Bunny jokes are choc-full of laughs! Check out these funny jokes all about the Easter Bunny and then share them with your mates!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  April 3rd 2023

Is there anything more exciting than waiting for the Easter bunny to deliver delicious treats? These Easter bunny jokes will have you hopping with laughter! And if you liked these, we've got baskets full of more Easter jokes here! How about these funny bunny jokes? Or maybe you'd like these delicious chocolate jokes? And how about some Easter facts for all you eggheads out there? And of course we've got tonnes more funny jokes on our main jokes hub!

How do you get in touch with the easter bunny?

By hare mail!

What stories does the Easter bunny tell?

Yolk stories!

What do you get when you cross a rabbit with shellfish?

An oyster bunny!

How does the Easter bunny feel after Easter?


How can you tell if the easter bunny is getting old?

Look for the grey hares!

How does the Easter bunny travel?

By hare plane!

Who does the Easter bunny deliver to in space?

An egg-straterrestrial!

What happens if you take away the Easter bunny's eggs?

He gets hopping mad!

What happens if you pour warm water down a rabbit hole?

You get a hot cross bunny!

How does the Easter bunny get around?

He uses the egg-press lane!

What kind of rabbit can't hop?

A chocolate one!