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Hiking Jokes

If you don't like these jokes you can take a hike! Check out these funny hiking jokes, they're real trailblazers!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  October 29th 2021

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What do zombies eat on a hike?

Entrail mix!

I don't mind hiking through forests...

It's pine

What should you listen to when hiking?

A trail mix!

What do you call a jacket you wear when you're hiking?

A trail blazer!

I met a very rude mountaineer the other day

I told him to take a hike!

I only walk through the very best forests

I have to have a quali-tree experience!

Have you heard the joke about hiking?

It's hill-arious!

I love hiking through forests

I can leaf all my cares behind!

I never keep any stones I find when hiking

I'm just not very sedimental!

Shall I tell you all about my mountain hike?

Or should I just summit up?

My friend and I got into an argument about getting lost on a hike...

I don't know where I stand!

The worst thing about reaching the top of the mountain?

It's all downhill from there!

Did you hear about the mountaineer who's getting more money?

It's a pay hike!

I'm always hesitant to jump over big rocks when hiking

I wish I was boulder!

I fell over a tree branch when I was hiking...

But I'm oaky now!

I'm not sure how I feel about hiking...

It's ups and downs!

Why do hipsters always follow random rivers when they hike?

They don't want to be too mainstream!

What's the laziest mountain called?

Mount Ever-rest!

Did you hear the joke about the mountain?

I couldn't get over it!

What should you say if you see a royal out on a walk?

'Hi, king!'

Why was the man bad at hitch-hiking?

He went early to avoid the traffic!

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