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10 Hippo Jokes & Puns Designed to Make a Splash

Hip Hop Hooray for the Funniest Hippo Jokes Around

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  July 29th 2022

These hippo jokes are hippo-larious! And if you liked these, we've got more jungle jokes here! How about these rawrsome lion jokes? Or maybe these bear-y funny koala jokes? We've even got owl jokes, they're a real hoot! And as always, check out even more laughs on our main jokes page!

What's got long hair and loves to wallow in mud?

A hippie!

What tells lies and lives by the river?

A hippo-crite!

What do you call a hippo standing on one leg?

A hoppo!

What's made of chocolate and swims in rivers?

A hippoto-mousse!

What's more amazing than a talking hippo?

A spelling bee!

What's a hippo's favourite type of music?

Hip hop!

Why shouldn't you let a hippo get too cold?

In case it gets hippo-thermia!

What do you get if you cross a hippo and a transformer?

Optapotamus Prime

What do you call a peckish hippo in Budapest?

A hungry Hungary hippo!

Why do you never see hippos in trees?

They're very good at hiding!