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Top 10 Funniest Hunger Games Jokes & Puns for Kids

Do you like movies AND laughing? Then check out these Hunger Games jokes - they're the funniest in Panem!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 12th 2022

These hilarious Hunger Games humdingers are a loaf a minute! Crust us, you knead to hear the one about Panem and the bakery! Well if you're looking for sci-fi action jokes you are in the right place, because we have all the Hunger Games jokes you could ever want! You'll be stuffed after all of these!

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Anyway, back to the Hunger Games gags!

What do they call the Hunger Games in France?

Battle Royale with Cheese!

Why does everyone love Peeta?

Because he's the best thing since sliced bread!

Why did Peeta quit his job making bread?

He couldn't get a raise!

A person holds a cake from the oven

Did you hear about the Adele song about Katniss Everdeen?

She sets fire to the games!

Katniss: My husband won't stop making bread jokes

Peeta: I haven't done muffin!

What does Peeta want to name his child?

Ryelee if it's a girl, Bunjamin if it's a boy!

What does Peeta call his grandmother?


Why is Effie Trinkets hair so big?

It's full of secrets!

Katniss: Where's Finnick?

Peeta: Odair he is!

The Hunger Games is like football

Everyone runs around for two hours, nobody scores, and its billion fans insist you just don't understand!

An old muddy football