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20 Mr Bean Jokes That Are Genuinely Funny

BEAN busy lately? Take a BAKE with Beano’s TEDDYrific Mr Bean Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  June 16th 2022

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What title did Mr Bean always win in school?

No.1 in the spelling BEAN!

Why did Mr Bean sell his Mini?

To upgrade to a Mercedes Beanz!

What did Mr Bean's girlfriend say when they first met?

Where have you BEAN all my life?

What do you call Mr Bean when's feeling sick?

A green bean!

What does Mr Bean say to Teddy before a race?

Ready Teddy Go!

What do you call Mr Bean when he enters the Olympics?

A Runner Bean!

Why won't Mr Bean go on another trip to France?

He's BEAN there, done that

Why isn't Mr Bean jealous of Mickey Mouse?

He already has a Mini!

Why can't you trust Mr Bean with a secret?

He always spills the beans!

What's Mr Bean's favourite Shakespeare quote?

To BEAN or not to BEAN?

What do you say when you catch up with Mr Bean?

How've you BEAN?

What do you call Mr Bean when he gets sunburnt?

A baked bean!

How does Mr Bean greet his girlfriend?

I've BEAN thinking of you!

What does Mr Bean call Teddy when he won't tell the truth?

A BEAR-faced liar!

Why does Mr Bean bring Teddy on holiday?

He only packs the BEAR necessities!

mr bean jokes

What is Teddy's favourite desert?

Blue-BEAR-y pie!

Why did Mr Bean fire Teddy?

He only ever did the BEAR minimum!

What does Mr Bean use to hold Teddy?

His BEAR hands!

What do you get if you cross Teddy with a pig?

A teddy boar!

What does Teddy say to Mr Bean after dinner?

I'm stuffed!

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