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20 Best Otter Jokes & Puns that are Otterly Funny

These otter jokes are the best furry funnies around! So dive in and take a look at these otterly brilliant puns and gags all about otters!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  November 17th 2022

You otter believe these are the best otter jokes around! In fact, you can (river) bank on it! And if you liked these, check out more animal jokes here! We've also got these punny pony jokes or why not have a go at these lol-worthy leopard jokes? There's even more water themed laughs with ocean jokes! And you can find loads more laughs on our main jokes hub!

Why are Otters so great?

They're just otterly delightful!

What floats in the sea and has a magic wand?

Harry P-otter!

What should you ask a famous water mammal?

Can I have your otter-graph?

Why wouldn't the otter share his food?

He was being shellfish!

What does an otter drive?

A furrari!

How are the otter pups doing?

They're coming along swimmingly!

Where do otters keep their money?

In a river bank!

Where do otters sleep?

The river bed!

What did the river otter say when she split up with her boyfriend?

'I think we should sea otter people!'

Why are otter pups always trying to cool down?

They're a little 'otter than they like!

Who does a seal bring to a wedding?

Her significant otter!

What do you call an otter with a cold?

A snotter!

What do you call an otter in glasses?

A see otter!

What did one otter say to the other?

'I feel like we're drifting apart!'

What's furry, eats shellfish and goes 'moo'?

An otter learning a new language!

What sort of car do river mammals drive?

An otter-mobile!

What do you call an otter with seaweed in its ears?

Anything you like, it can't hear you!

What's got a tail, swims, and will defend you in court?

Your otterney!

Why did the otter cross the river?

To get to the otter side!

What did the grape say when the otter stepped on it?

Nothing, it just let out a little wine!