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20 Funny Skittle Jokes & Puns For People With Good Taste!

Sweet Talk Your Friends with these Funny Skittle Jokes & Puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  December 6th 2022

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What do you do if you eat black and white skittles?

Taste the plain-bow!

What's green and tastes delicious?

A seasick yellow skittle!

Why was one skittle smarter than the others?

It was well red!

Why are skittles so nice?

They're mostly non-violet!

What happened when the skittle took a pilot's exam?

It passed with flying colours!

Where do you eat skittles at sea?

In a rainboat!

Why are skittles such good friends?

They show each other their true colours!

How do you tie up a bag of skittles?

With a rainbow!

Why are skittles so nice?

They're always sweet talking!

Why did the Leprechaun eat skittles?

He wanted to taste the rainbow!

What did one skittle say to the other?

'Orange you glad to see me?!'

Which skittle is a cat's favourite?


Sometimes I'm worried skittles don't exist...

And they're just a pigment of my imagination!

Why are skittles so happy?

They're never blue!

I love orange skittles...

I love them as much as red and yellow combined!

What did one skittle say to another?

I love hue!

What's a bowling ball's favourite sweets?


I had a skittles joke, but I've forgotten it...

It's on the tip of my tongue!

What's the sweetest musical?

Skittle Shop of Horrors!

What kind of glasses do skittles wear?

Eye candy!